11 Jan

Why die young?

Stay Connect

I hear your voice, I hear your desperation, I hear your longing, I hear your heart… Your beating heart. Screaming with every beat.
Even if the beating has gone numb. Even if all desperation has died into despair and carelessness…
But I still hear you. I hear you. And I care.

Yes, I know you’re trying to pretend that nobody sees you, but if you only knew how we’re all connected, you’d know that there’s nowhere to hide.

I even see that deep down inside of you there’s a smile hidden underneath your seriousness. A curiosity underneath the dullness. An aliveness under the appearance of death. Why hide? You can still be different. You don’t have to buy into what everyone else believes in. You can still do it your own way.
Just stay and connect.

Screaming for change isn’t everyone’s path. Silently withdrawing is saying just as much. It’s just as loud. Believe me, I know.

This world might not be what you want it to be. It might not be what you’ve dreamt of.
You might not see it yet. Especially not if you give up.
Without you, this world you feel and see in your heart is even further away.
So hold on…
Hold on because one day you’ll see a way to contribute.
One day you’ll meet more people like yourself.
One day you’ll discover you’re far from alone.

All you precious souls out there, silently and resentfully waiting for a new tomorrow… Look beyond your limits. Reach out a little further. Get to know someone new. Reach out to reach in. Connect out to connect in. Or connect in to connect out. Either way. Connect and stay.

And know.
One day.
When you’ve reached bottom, when you’ve seen enough darkness, you’ll come to a place of peace and find joy in sharing, participating and playing again.

So now, stay.
Start today as if there’s a whole new world out there. Begin today in a brand new way.


Loving you limitlessly, endlessly and unconditionally,
Jenny Lane