17 Jan

Chapter 8: Page 49-50: Hunter, Prey and Threesome



Chapter 8
Petter turns up the music inside the white Range Rover Evoque. The whole car is suddenly filled with Flo Rida and Sia’s voice screaming
“Hey, I heard you were a wild one”.
The mood exalts upwards and makes the girls join in from the backseat.
“Ooooooh ooooh ooooh!”, they respond.
The car turns into the parking lot at Tjuvholmen. They quickly get out of the car and storm towards Bølgen & Moi eager to consume expensive champagne, excellent food and a beautiful sunset. They grab hold of one of the large tables outside. Chairs are replaced by trendy red plastic benches covered with white sheep skins. The place is packed with seemingly successful people in a good party mood behind dark sunglasses and luxury brand clothes. Per Olav is quick to order a few bottles of champagne and some beers.
“Yooohooo!”, the girls reply as the cork pops and the liquid gold is poured into stiletto glasses. Laughter and loud voices mingle together in the radiant summer sun. The evening is beautifully lit up by high cheers and appreciation. Their sporty outfit seems to draw more and more attention as the guys starts to fill up with alcohol. And Per Olav don’t seem to miss a beat as he knows to keep the girls glasses always nearly full. Sara is on one side of the table with a couple of guys on each side and Per Olav is sitting between Silje and Elise just across.

As the evening grows darker, his hands grow hungrier. He starts to move them up and down both of their thighs underneath the table. If one of the girls is busy in a conversation with another guy, he quickly turns to the other girl. His attention wanders between them to make sure their both happy and eager. And as the number of champagne glasses rises, so does the party mood. Influenced by the setting and the rhythm of champagne, both of the girls starts to return his caresses underneath the table. A dangerous dance of arousal starts to evolve. The movements might be secretly hidden from the crowd, but the game is written all over their faces. The fiery eyes, the hungry smiles and flirtatious secrecy.

As they walk over to BAR down the street he displays his territorial powers through a good grip around both their waists. Both of the girls seem to enjoy his attention. They don’t look bothered at all by sharing him as the shot glasses lands on their table time after time, until a few rounds in. Per Olav starts to lose hold of the situation. Before he knows it Elise and Silje are arguing loudly over his favour. He laughs at them and mumbles something about being sexy when they argue. But when it starts to get out of hand, he interrupts.
“I like both of you. How about a threesome?”, he asks playfully.
They go silent while the question lingers in the air. Is he joking? The girls examine each other with intoxicated bloodshot eyes.

Is it supposed to be a joke, or does he really mean it? Elise looks puzzled over at Per Olav. He returns her gaze with a satisfied smile and an attitude confirming the cockiness of his suggestion. The fiery passion she got familiar with last night has returned. But this time the lightning desire in his eyes is also directed at her girlfriend. He seems to desire them both. She couldn’t have been that bad in bed after all if he’s willing to continue, she concludes while being a little bit annoyed that he desires her girlfriend more than her. A man likes to hunt, she remembers. And since he already had her as his prey yesterday, her choice tonight will probably wind down to accepting his offer for a threesome or tolerate him desiring and possibly spending the night with her girlfriend alone instead. Suddenly it’s no longer a competition between her and Silje, but rather a question of whether she’d like to join the game or not. In the light of her last thought, Elise decides to not give up so easily. She starts to laugh to ease up the tension and throws the ball of the game over to Silje. Is she going to reject the proposition about a threesome by seeing it as a joke, or is she going to accept? Elise stares intensely at her while a deep arousing beat pounds in the background with Usher’s voice singing:
”If you want to scream, yeah, let me know and I’ll take you there”.

… to be continued…

Jenny Lane

09 Jan

Page 40-42: Heated Game


The boys are already out in the field warming up when the girls arrive. Sara waves to Per Olav who runs towards them as soon as he sees them.
“Did you get something nice to wear?”, he asks while smiling widely visibly happy to see them.
“Yes, we did!”, they all answer with excitement.
“Is there a locker room where we can change?”, Sara asks.
“You can probably use ours since we’re all finished and warming up already”, he says and points to the building next to the field.

The girls run over and storm through the door giggling with anticipation. With all the eagerness going on, they open the wrong door and find themselves face to face with half dressed med-students. With young and ripped bodies glowing like bright sunrays in their eyes, they quickly shut their eyes with embarrassment.
“Oops, sorry”, Sara stutter and closes the door almost as quickly as she opened it before all of the boys manage to turn around in response.

They walk over to the other locker-room nervously laughing and whispering about how HOT they thought the boys were. They lock the door to the locker-room in case some of the boys are pondering revenge. The worn down wooden benches are covered by men’s clothing. Half open bags and shoes are spread around everywhere on the floor. In order to make some room they need to push away the guy’s clothes while trying to figure out which item belongs to whom. They almost turn it into a competition by holding up one sweater after the other. After a few rounds they go even further into investigating by smelling the clothes to see if they can recognize the scent. Excitement rises higher and higher and by the time they’re finally ready to change into their own outfits they have long forgotten the boys in the other locker-room next door. They chat and giggle while they change into their new outfits oblivious to some of the boys peeking through the shower area. When they’re half naked in their tiny panties ready to slip into their new costumes, one of the boys gets pushed into the room. Roaring laughter echoes through the shower and fills the whole locker-room. The girls panic and try to cover themselves up by grabbing a few pieces. Embarrassed and startled, Silje orders them to leave the locker-room with an angry voice completely lacking of authority. The boys respond by mocking her voice and laughing even harder.
“You’re so childish!”, she adds while hurrying to get dressed.

When the havoc settles, the girls hurdle up again. The mood has changed into a more sober state with hurtful feelings shining through their eyes. Determined to turn the situation around, they chat about how they can use this incident to give them an advantage in breaking the guys’ concentration level out on the field later. Since some of the boys have already seen too much, they agree to push the flirty-boundaries a little further.

The girls run towards the soccer field in their sporty sexy cheerleader outfits. They look like they are taken straight out of a music video. They’re all about the same height with long blond hair nicely tied into cute ponytails. With matching clothes, shoes, big sunglasses and thick coats of lipgloss, they appear very glamorous and sexy. Several of the boys from both teams stop and stare when they see them coming closer. The girls shine brightly with pride and confidence as they wiggle their hips and shake their pompons. Per Olav and Petter whistle loudly and clap eagerly when they finish their little song and dance routine. One can almost touch their pride as they’re gazing over at the med-guys with clever devilish eyes. The game is on!

The girls take it up a notch, wildly enjoying their cheerleader role throughout the whole game by flirting with the boys on both teams at once. They lack nothing when it comes to attention and flatter as they walk and dance back and forth like sweet tempting candy in a candystore. Well protected by the daylight and the game at stake, they go all out with sensuality and play the boys up against each other. But the flirting turns into fiery desire which then turns into rugged jealousy. It slowly morphs into a battle between animosity and protection. The soccer game increases in intensity as the competition instinctively builds up more and more anger. Tension rises higher and higher with every close encounter, touch and muscle flexed. The adrenalin and testosterone skyrockets when one of the med-students throws a dirty comment at Per Olav’s face.
“You can keep those damn hookers to yourselves!”

“What did you say?”, Per Olav replies with red hot anger and jumps on him like a fired up bull. He pushes his shoulders with such force that the thin med-student falls to the ground. Several teammates get aggravated by the forceful movement and throw themselves into the fight. Before anyone manages to rationalize the situation, a huge fight evolves between the two teams. The judge feverishly blows his whistle but to no avail. The boys are already lost in bloodlust even though some are trying to hinder others. The field turns into a chaotic bloodbath as the girls withdraw to the sidelines in shock. Eventually some of the guys manage to separate the key fights enough to calm down the spirits.

Several boys are afflicted with bloody noses. With paper towels in their dirty hands they resentfully eye each other as they walk towards the locker rooms. The mood is as intense as a war zone with hostile gazes everywhere. Sara tries to break the ice by talking to Per Olav.
“Are you ok?”, she asks while carefully searching to meet his eyes that are fixed onto the red paper between his hands.
“Yeah sure”, he replies and wipes away some blood from his nose.
“What happened? Did someone do something? Or was it something that was said?”, she asks calmly with a soft voice.
Per Olav meets her eyes, but quickly looks away again.
“Just some stupid comment that I should’ve ignored”, he replies with disgust.

The intense silence that follows tells her not to ask any further questions about the incident. A few seconds go by without her daring to break his dark haze of anger. Sara slows down and starts to move away when he eventually breaks the spell on his own.

“We can’t let this ruin the party mood we had going! Let’s go grab a beer somewhere. You girls can stay dressed like that, can’t you? The guys and I are just going to take a quick shower and then we’ll be on our way”, he says loudly while nodding towards his teammates close by.

… to be continued…

Jenny Lane