26 Jan

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His lips taste like sweet cherry lipgloss, but Elise knows it’s not hers. It’s from one of her best girlfriends and she’s now lying by his feet struggling to take his pants off.
“How did I end up in this situation?”, Elise asks herself and feels the inner fight between right and wrong. She opens her eyes but all she’s able to see is Per Olav’s cheek and hair. His lips and tongue is still passionately engulfed with hers. Elise feels absentminded as if her mouth and tongue lived a life of their own without her involvement. But the cherry lipgloss piques her curiosity. It reminds her of Katy Perry’s song “I kissed a girl”. Escaping from the awkwardness of the moment, she finds herself playing around with thoughts of kissing Silje when all of a sudden Per Olav throws his head backwards and opens his mouth widely in a big sigh. The eruption of enjoyment takes her by surprise.

“What made him react so suddenly?”, she wonders and gazes down his naked, muscular body and sees Silje with her head buried between his legs. He’s completely lost in Silje’s mouth. Elise realises he’s now blissfully unaware of her own presence. Her competitive spirit starts to emerge.

“What should I do? How can I reclaim his attention?”, Elise desperately inquires.
“Shit, I should’ve been a little more drunk before I got myself into this mess”, she thinks and looks around the room to see if she can spot any glasses or bottles of alcohol. A few wineglasses sit on the bedside table. She leans over to grab hold of one but realises they’re all empty.
Should she leave the room in order to get something from the bar in the living room? She ponders the idea for a short while but quickly throws it away in fear of missing something important. She doesn’t want to be out of the room if a big move happens. It could easily make it too hard for her to get back in the game again. The feeling of redundancy is already highly palpable.

“What can I do to get back on track?”, she contemplates frantically.
The song keeps popping up in her head in the tiny moments between one desperate thought after another.
“I kissed a girl and I liked it!” The lyrics pounds in her mind like a repetitive beat.
For lack of a better idea she moves towards Silje and starts kissing and caressing her half naked bottom. Silje immediately reacts by perking her head up in surprise.
Elise halts.
A second of shock comes over Silje’s face before her expressions quickly softens again by the pleasurable sensations given to her body. It drives her to continue even more passionately on Per Olav’s body.

Inspired by Silje’s accept and passion, Elise dares to take it a step further. She grabs hold of Silje’s thong with her teeth, and slowly pulls it down with a trail of wet kisses along the way. Soft fingers daringly caress her hips and the insides of her thighs. Silje lets out a pleasurable moan and sticks her bottom even further out. Elise answers the call by letting her fingers slowly find their way into the wet landscape between her legs. Her fingers playfully and teasingly circles the edges of her wet lips making Silje’s body sway from side to side eagerly chasing the next touch. Their breathing is heavy and loud. When Elise lets one of her fingers slip into her girlfriend’s wet tunnel a loud pleasurable scream of relief fills the room. Elise leans over Silje’s legs and softly kisses her butt cheeks while her finger caresses the insides until an alarming thought suddenly rushes in like a freight train in her brain.

“What is she doing?”, she thinks and panics.
She’s touching, caressing and kissing one of her best girlfriends! How are they going to be able to face each other tomorrow? Is this going to change everything?”, she ponders in fear while withdrawing her fingers abruptly.
“No, I can’t do this. It’s stupid. Too close. Too weird. Too disgusting…”, she concludes and leaves the room frantically.

Elise leans against the wall outside the room and slides down until she hits the hard floor. Their moans are still audible. Images of their movements in bed pop up with every squeaking sound they make. The situation has turned into a torturous experience.

Wet, shameful tears run down her chin. She rests against the wall with her knees tightly tugged to her chest. With hurt and hopelessness she puts her head in her hands until a scent of Silje gently seeps towards her. With anger and regret she abruptly pulls her hands away as if they weren’t her own. Seemingly blaming her hands for the actions committed.
“How could I be so stupid”, she says harshly as if scolding could remedy the situation. Snot and tears are being wiped away with a t-shirt she grabbed on her way out of the room. Frozen like a rabbit under attack, she remains in the same position unable to make a sound or walk away. Afraid of missing out on any action, she sits there quietly with a sea of emotion swirling around her body like a poisonous maelstrom of anger, jealousy and humiliation.

… to be continued…

Jenny Lane

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