About this journey

 “It’s in my imperfection that I’m perfect for the assignment”
Lisa Nichols

I’ve just come home from this amazing event seminar called Awesomeness Fest and taken a pledge to share who I am with the talents I’ve got right NOW. I’m writing a novel and have decided to be open about the process and receive feedback along the way if someone wishes to participate and share.  So here’s the beginning of this sharing. A humble, unapologetic beginning of something that I don’t know where is going to take me. Maybe just a few friends will read this, maybe many. All I know is that in order to stay true to what I know to do in this moment, I need to take this first step – just because it’s what I know to do regardless of the outcome.

In these first steps something is already happening by simply breaking through a barrier of perfectionism. These first steps have already had the effect of opening up something in me that is yearning for more participation and contribution even though it’s triggering negative thought patterns. By taking these very tiny little steps, this journey is already starting to shape me as a human being. It’s breaking through bits and pieces of old patterns to reveal more of who I am to myself and the world. It’s not by the results that we grow, it’s through the process.

I would be more than grateful if you want to join me in this journey and share what moves you. So let’s break out and not hold anything back anymore. Let’s rejoice in our imperfection and hold hands through it all – just because it connects us. Just because it’s who we are as humans. Just because it makes life so much more meaningful.

Love, Peace and Joy!

Jenny Lane


2 thoughts on “About this journey

  1. It´s so so true Jenny!! Jeg kan virkelig kjenne på sårbarheten i dette selv og synes du er utrolig modig!! Elsket setningen: Lets rejoice in our imperfection and hold hands through it all – just because it connects us. I will hold hands with you and others….through it all!! Love you<3

  2. Tusen takk! :)
    Ting er bare sårbart når man knytter forventninger opp til resultatet. 😉 Så lenge vi bare gjør det som kjennes riktig, og vet at det bare er noe vi må gjøre og fullføre uavhengig av resultater, så blir det ikke så sårbart lenger. :)
    Yes, let’s hold hands and hug! Love you too :)

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